Società Agricola I Ciacca

Newly built on the original site of the historic “palmento” at I Ciacca, our Cantina is state of the art.
Modern concrete tanks, thermostatically controlled on site and remotely allow the best conditions to be maintained for the fermentation, settling and preservation of our wines. They also mimic natural conditions permitting and encouraging the development of the local natural air born yeasts to be found on grapes which are essential to the natural fermentation of grape sugars to make the wine we so much enjoy.

Maturano – a rare, white grape grown at I Ciacca Picinisco, Val Comino, Lazio.
This ancient variety is to be found only in Picinisco and nearby. DNA analysis shows it is not related to any other grapes to be found in the world. It is Certified Organic – although we knew anyway as this land was an ancient vineyard, which had been abandoned for over 50 years – but worked by our family for at least 500 years!

Consultant oenologist and family friend Alberto Antonini (named by his peers in Decanter magazine (2015) as 1 of the top 5 winemakers in the world) has been involved in the development of the vineyard and Cantina since 2012. For 3 years, while our grapes were growing, Sofia, Luca and Onorio started to learn about wine making while working in Alberto’s Tuscan cantina during the vendemmia.
We are now supported by oenologist Dott. Amedeo Barbato.

I Ciacca is a winery, an events space as well as being a cooking school, and a meeting place to learn about the ancient traditions of the area. It is also connected to the family’s boutique hotel Sotto le Stelle, a former bishop’s palace once built into the walls of Picinisco, now renovated into a collection of suites overlooking the extraordinary Val di Comino, home to a dozen settlements each with its own character and history.

Cesidio is passionately restoring Borgo I Ciacca which his grandparents left nearly 100 years ago to escape poverty, opening an ice cream parlour in Scotland – but they never lost their connection returning frequently for the harvest. With his daughter, Sofia, who abandoned her accountancy career in UK, and the support of her mother, Selina, her brother, Giovanni and now her husband, Luigi, the family are involved in all aspects of the business, from harvest gatherings, to hospitality.

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